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We are now members of The Green Plan (TGP) which is a worlds best practice, procedures based system for environmental initiatives and CO Emissions management. TGP is based on 7 Sustainable Development Themes and 2 Core Principals.

Using a transparent approach, The GreenPlan insists on ‘Actual Actions’ to generate significant cost savings, carbon reduction, & societal change.

The Seven Themes are:

  • 1. Energy
  • 2. Water
  • 3. Waste
  • 4. Biodiversity
  • 5. Transport
  • 6. Society
  • 7. Procurement

Emmisions Management system (EMS) is the Auditing and Verification unit of The GreenPlan, who will verify our sustainable learning training courses are meeting expectations.

To achieve this EMS will be providing; an auditing framework of all training classes that Kennedy Health and Safety Group provides, regardless of whether they are eco or traditional. The total annual emissions footprint will be offset with a comprehensive carbon sequestration programme taking place in various locations around Ireland and our clients will have the honor of having TGP badge on their certificates of completion.

By changing our own business practices Kennedy Health and Safety Group will reduce the amount of carbon emissions by:

  • Cycling rather than driving
  • Elimination of power point
  • Re usable course notes
  • Beach and local community clean up

With the assistance of our partners EMS you can also reduce your contribution to the emissions created through the use of your training rooms.

Kennedy Health and Safety Group Ltd will be operating our company business practices through TGP to: embed best practice procedures that will reduce the risk to climate change that the company is responsible for.

Kennedy Health and Safety Group Ltd business practices are governed by TGP and at its core Kennedy Health and Safety Group is travelling towards being a fully carbon neutral business by 2021. This will include offsetting all training classes, consultancy work and the inner workings of the business itself.